Magic of Motoring is a full-service brand agency specialising in heritage. We work with iconic global brands delivering a range of services including event management, licensing, creative solutions, merchandise development and global retail.


Event Management & Production

We help some of the biggest brands in the world (re)connect with their heritage. Heritage is extremely powerful; it connects us to the past and makes us believe in a brand as well as its products and values that have endured the years. The brand becomes a social expression, a promise of performance, a guarantee of authenticity; reassuringly genuine.

Magic of Motoring engages this nostalgia by creating incredible experiences and environments, providing powerful emotional engagement with a brand’s target audience.


  • Concept Creation 
  • Strategy & Content

  • Set Design, Props & Production 

  • Merchandise & Retail 

  • Global Logistics & Storage

  • Management & Promotion


Brand Protection and Licensing

Working with an iconic heritage brand that is also the single biggest branded retail chain in the world (Shell), gives us an educated approach to exploring empowering opportunities for your brand and product in both corporate and consumer markets. We initiate dynamic strategies, produce and manage tailored brand-licensing programs, and create smart products.

Each element of our approach is specifically designed to build trust and evoke loyalty in the brand, to deliver a consistent strong brand experience to a globally diverse market and audience. Consistently managed and well merchandised brands are successful and profitable brands.


  • Brand Extension & Licensing Strategy 
  • Brand Positioning 
  • Market & Platform Analysis
  • Product Development & Placement
  • Licensee Selection and Management
  • Program & Copyright Management 


Creative Solutions

At the heart of a successful brand lies an idea - a brand without an idea at the core is just a name, no matter how big the marketing budget. At Magic of Motoring, we help you identify your brand provenance and define your idea. We nurture your brand heritage and develop your idea into creative product and marketing solutions by tapping into emotional associations and embodying historical, ethical and economical characteristics.

Brand heritage transports us and gives us liberty to idealize, it leverages historical credibility, and combined with the right creative ideas and vehicles, it provides powerful opportunities for your brand.

Our expertise sees us working with iconic global brands, equipping our clients with tailored creative elements that form part of the foundations of their success.  


  • Concept & Proposition Development 
  • Brand Identity & Language
  • Product Design & Development
  • Graphic Design & Prototyping
  • Brand & Vi Guidelines
  • Events, environments and exhibitions


Authentic Retail & Promotional Products

Heritage brands have an engaging appeal that is hard to emulate and impossible to copy. They carry a unique connection to the past, the people, places and the purpose that were there at the beginning.  Understanding how a heritage brand fits into the modern consumer’s life and what they expect from the brand is as critical as embodying authenticity into a product design.

The ideal Heritage product is a clever blend of ethically sourced, contemporary functional design and authentic nostalgic characteristics. Presented in the right packaging and environment, it evokes nostalgia – a reason to believe, and a reason to buy.  It can validate a price premium, forges an emotional connection with the audience and creates a through-line for future brand development and actions. 

  • Research & Analysis
  • Concept Development 
  • Product & Packaging Design
  • Retail environments & Events
  • Logistics & Fulfilment